« Why would we wait for that one awesome 3D printed dress that ’embodies the future’ to be presented and pushed upon us to adore? » says designer Anouk Wipprecht. Instead, she’s asking people across the web to make that dress together.

Titled the Open Source Element Dress, Wipprecht (alongside Austrian creative network, Polaire) has placed an open call for « anyone who has a bit of inspiration » to contribute 62 mm-wide design-elements called « particles » that will be united on the dress through a connecting mechanism. Using a TINKERCAD template, people can submit personalized particle designs, and 150 will make it into the final piece of clothing, to be completed by September 13th. So far, entries have taken the form of tentacled sea creatures, precious gemstones, and idiosyncratic geometric shapes.


The open source dress brings together the creative sensibilities of hundreds of different people in a way that simply wasn’t possible for pre-internet fashion designers: another step of open innovation!


Source : http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/a-fashion-designer-is-creating-the-worlds-first-open-sourced-3d-printed-dress